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Knit-Blogging: Not Much, Actually

22 Jun

Not much knitting has been happening lately, but I did finish one project this spring: a rainbow mohair scarf.


Knit-Blogging: Sweater Vest in Progress

19 Mar

Knit Blogging: Finished Sweater

9 Dec

The sweater is finished — and it does keep me warm.

Knit Blogging: Sweater Construction

15 Nov

I haven’t been doing a lot of knit-blogging lately, mostly because I’m almost done with a sweater, but it’s taking forever to put the thing together. Button bands? Frogged three times. Sleeves? Attached twice. Neckline? Twice was the charm. Oh, but when it’s done, when it’s done, I will wear the sweater, and it will keep me warm!

sweater construction

cat knitting