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Special Post for Black Friday

26 Nov

bobbling heads

In the US, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, the biggest shopping day of the year, when Americans sleep in store parking lots waiting for stores to unleash the biggest deals of the year, when the buying season begins, when workers and shoppers risk being trampled to death on the way to a sale. It’s also a day when many environmentalists, simple living advocates, and those recovering from the past decade’s glut of consumerism celebrate Buy Nothing Day, pushing against buying for buying’s sake:

Check out the official Buy Nothing Day Page or the Buy Nothing Day discussion and events on Facebook. You might also take a look at the trickster-artist Reverend Billy, who’s been preaching against consumerism since 1996 while advocating for public life and public space over the drive to buy, using performance, music, and his Church of Life After Shopping.

Here is a little musical inspiration from Billy to get you in the spirit to stop shopping today: