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Random Monthly Book News: March Edition

8 Mar

Salon writer Laura Miller delves into “Literature’s Gender Gap” and uncovers (not for the first or even third time) a persistent good old boy bias in the literary world. Although information on the source of the gap is hard to come by, it is clear that it exists. Fewer women authors are published, reviewed, and read than their male counterparts. GoodReads blogger Patrick responds, with hardcore statistics from the internet savvy readers on Goodreads.

As I think (with heavy sighs) of the difficulty women experience in getting published, in getting reviews, in getting readers, I think of Virginia Woolf’s lament on the subject in A Room of One’s Own — and how her findings, in 1929, might be surprisingly relevant in 2011. A formidable literary woman, Woolf was.

Speaking of formidable literary women, one of my favorite authors (and mentors), Susan Taylor Chehak is now releasing some of her works in digital form. Get them fresh from the oven!

A few more literary women to read (not even the start of a full list):Kate Chopin, Sandra CisnerosEmma DonoghueGeorge Eliot, Sara Gruen, Zora Neale Hurston, Gish Jen, Audre LordeLorrie MooreToni Morrison, Azar Nafisi, Arundhati RoySapphire, Lisa SeeLionel Shriver, Zadie Smith, Gertrude SteinDiane J. Wright, Nancy Zafris.

Just in case you thought we were creating our own gender gap right here, I have two visual links, featuring formidable literary men: Thomas Hardy in Colour and Shakespeare “Aged 14”


Random Monthly Book News, January Edition

24 Jan

Something to think about: Spread Your Broken Pens and Learn to Write

Libraries and eBooks: an important combination to consider.

Popular Words of 2010.

Smashwords predicts the future of eBooks.

Jonathan Safran Foer whittles a new book out of an old one.

Just for fun: palettes of famous painters.

Random Monthly Book News

5 Dec

How to Be a Retronaut

Soon, we may all be able to read Nabokov’s love letters.

Bark writer Brendan Lynaugh remembers interviewing David Foster Wallace.

Guidelines for telling the difference between prose poetry and flash fiction.

Amazon makes it possible to give a Kindle book as a gift.

A new kind of sticky situation: Students wonder how to cite a Kindle book in MLA and APA formatting.

Mystery! A secret chamber is discovered in the National Library of India.

… And just for fun (possibly the coolest invention ever, brought to you by one of the most fascinating locations on the web): the Knitting Clock.

Random Monthly Book News

18 Oct

What do street performers and writers have in common? Possibly, street performer protocol — and a common method to make a living with art.

Susan Taylor Chehak shares notes on reading Faulkner and research on why handwriting your first draft is good for the brain.

Literary Tattoos – It’s a real thing.

Ebook sales are up, again.

Photos and Character, from Bark.