Car-Free Blogging: Sights I Would Have Missed

11 Feb

One of the things I least expected, when going car-free, was that a shift in transportation would change the way I see my city. It has, though — utterly and unmistakably. Below are just a few of th things I might not have witnessed, from a car:

  • Man in the street with his miniature pony.
  • The taco stand security guard, who always smiles.
  • Man in a nightgown and fluorescent orange oven mitts, walking down the center of the street.
  • The man with the festive mustache who sells fruit.
  • Police officers searching for fruit on the floor of a bus.
  • The young man on the bus who gives up his seat for a woman and her baby.
  • The Los Angeles River, swelled with rain.
  • Shouts around the city, as the Lakers win.
  • The friend I ran into.
  • Purple dresses in the window of the dress shop.
  • Tourists exiting their hotel, wearing shorts and sunny faces.
  • Discarded Christmas trees.
  • A discarded suitcase on the curb.
  • A llama.
  • A mariachi band, playing for nobody on a residential street.

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